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V Lambda Lighting Design was established in 2020 to service the needs of our clients in the lighting industry. Lighting is a critical dimension of architecture, integrating with and enhancing the other design disciplines. 
V Lambda’s studio provides a comprehensive architectural lighting design service to clients around the world. Lighting should not be categorised under the broad term of ‘electrical engineering’ but treated as a specialised design discipline. The key is to be able to provide clients with the best possible lighting design service, independently or with support from other operations.


What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Our People

  • Our Philosophy

  • Our Adaptability to Changing Technology


V Lambda Lighting Design maintains a team of lighting designers with over 50 years lighting industry experience ready to be able to facilitate every aspect of your project. From initial strategic advice and concept development all the way through to construction documents and on-site support. Our team comprises designers with various specialisms such as daylight, design, fixture design, brand identity and lighting engineering. Our work can be characterised as engaged and involved, with a strong emphasis on creativity through the latest technology and controls. A key focus is to produce low carbon footprint, sustainable energy efficient lighting designs coupled with Australian manufactured lighting fixtures to be able to support local community.


V Lambda Lighting Design takes the time to understand our customers needs. Whilst we place a strong emphasis on the latest technology, we also ensure that these technologies will easily integrate into the existing environment. In other words, we embrace existing and new technologies with discipline – we will not design a solution that our customers do not need. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing quality products, services, and professional support. We strive to ensure that each of our customers truly understand the services we offer.


V Lambda Lighting Design                                                                                                                                               


Paul Good – 0400 822 509                                            



Clayton Meyer – 0408 695 641

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